About us

                COMPANY PROFILE

                Yantai Shijin Machinery CO.,Ltd is professional breaker/breaker chisel innovation of profession sales company. There are 2 kinds of brand DEHN products for you of Global per square kilometer.

                To assure the product quality,the company has a complete,quality control system with full range of policies and strict monitoring on the procedures for breaker chisel,silenced type/box type/side type hydraulic breaker,quick couple,excavator ripper,hydraulic compactor,and piston,through bolt of spare parts.

                DEHN is determined to be the Top Brand in engineering machinery industry DEHN.We have always regarded Product Quality as Soul of the company,stricts to the principle of “Sevice,Innovation and Sustainable Development”,and aims to create value for customers continually.

                We sincerely hope to cooperate with our partners for common development!



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