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                Some parts of the crushing hammer are easy to damage and need attention


                Experienced teachers tell us that when using the crushing hammer construction work, we must pay attention to check the relevant accessories of the crushing hammer, especially some easily damaged parts, we must check and replace them in time. So, what are the wearing parts of the crushing hammer?
                1. Steel. A steel rod with a pointed head, usually driven by a sledgehammer into soft rock to drill holes, which are filled with dynamite and used to blast rock; It is also commonly used to pry rocks.
                The constant use of steel will cause the lower part of the roll deformation, if the end of the steel is worn, it is easy to slip, this situation to the end of the steel is sharpened, the steel after many grinding will reduce the hardness. If the spacing between the steel and the guide sleeve is too large, the piston cannot. Precisely hit the steel rod, causing damage. If the spacing is more than 9mm, replace the drill steel and guide sleeve.
                2. Brazing shaft pin. When the steel shaft pin is seriously deformed, it is very difficult to replace it.
                So every 100 to 150 hours after the work, should change the contact surface of the brazing shaft pin and the brazing shaft pin, so that the two contact surfaces of the brazing shaft pin can be used, when the direction of the brazing shaft pin is replaced, the contact surface of the shaft pin should be placed on the side of the brazing shaft.
                3. The parts that are easy to be damaged by the crushing hammer also include the front cover (must be replaced in the maintenance workshop), stop pin (brazing pin), rubber plug (brazing plug), hydraulic seals, bracket side bolts, hydraulic hoses, etc. Therefore, every excavator should always be equipped with these accessories, in case of need. In addition, the actual operation requires the replacement of hydraulic seals every 600 hours.
                When replacing the wearing parts, we should check the wear of the wearing parts, whether there are cracks and abrasions, especially after grinding the shaft pin burr and surface bulge, but also carefully check. Check the worn parts of the lower body and the brazing shaft pin after grinding, the brazing rod should be replaced; After grinding the scratched and worn parts of the lower body, a new steel shaft pin should be replaced.



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